Treasure hunters are supposed to be white according to bill maher’s Obama concepts, if a native man liked oak island treasure hunters smile they’d shoot the face off?

Its best not to try to please bigotry bill maher’s perspectives coincides with this oak island treasure mystery. The internet, news media is tied right in with this treasure hunting color issue they pedestal these oak island websites, articles, documentaries that don’t have or mention native concepts relating to the oak island money pit treasure hunt? If you watch this bill maher youtube video you’ll get a better understanding of what’s really going on in this world greatest whitest treasure hunt in the world [link below has remainder of bill maher interview.]

Rest of youtubes jay leno tonight show bill maher guest interview in link.

Bill Maher: Obama Is “The Wrong Color” For GOP

Native treasure hunter,

Keith Ranville


Bosnia pyramids; instead of moving a mountain to makeshift a pyramid, build into the mountain using material from the mountain? makes sense.

A popular theory is that ancient Egyptians pyramids were built from the inside out upwards like a corkscrew. Jean-Pierre Houdin Research, I believe the Bosnia mountain range pyramids were being contructed in this similar inside out concept as of the controversial way that of the way of the building of the ancient pyramids in Egypt. – Native Research Paper [above] by Keith Ranville





Earthquakes, solar storms, famines stock markets crash are we seeing the final days? Pompeii may have sensed a volcano doom warning but political posturing may have secured peoples minds of nothing to worry about, until a final to late crisis end warning was issued?

Is it every man woman for themselves in times of a catastrophic crisis? The sitting ducks syndrome best describes what our civilization is ready for in times of crisis’s, we’re like the deer looking into the car head lights on a dark highway an not knowing that we are about to be road kill. If these latest world crisis events that we are experiencing now get more troubling we have a choice we do not have to be the deer looking into the car head lights or even sitting ducks we can take our own common sense into our own hands and not stay hypnotic to what our governments says whats good for us? like what perhaps happened in pompeii? Civilizations history does not have to repeat itself in ignorant scenario?

Native Researcher,

Keith Ranville




Maynards candy, Kraft Canada holds a candy face contest till Sept. 30th, 2011 Native Indian Tanned Guy can be that guy? [Breaking News]

Contest Details on Facebook or article There is still time to enter the contest folk’s

The top 10 faces will appear on Facebook Oct. 17 and a random draw will determine the winner on Oct. 24.  Good Luck


The Real tanned Guy,

Keith Ranville