Unsolved Mysteries aired a Belgium triangle ufo segment orions constellation there origin? their earthly sighting pattern suggests this. [News UFO Research]   

March 30/31 1990 multi Belgium[ police-air force] authorities & 13,5oo people experienced a ufo crisis in many area’s of there country the ufo’s were described as to be in triangle form with 3 lights and one center light, the belgium police followed these strange flying ufo objects across the country side from town to town jurisdictions in a celestial pattern – that I myself would like to call in the orions belts constellation pattern general area’s the belgium road lights to these ufo sightings locations that you can clearly see from outer space may have attracted the ufo[s] in the first place? But there could be other reasons.

Just about all beings have patterns and I found one distinctive obscure pattern in this march 30/31 1990 belgium ufo mass sightings in belgium that can be related to Egypt’s pyramids hence the stars or orions belt constellation, these belgium flying extraterrestrial beings are perhaps from that particular seti of stars the orion belt or the one off to the upper left of them. A tiger never changes its stripes.

Research Reference to my ufo orion theory

Native Researcher,

Keith Ranville


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