Tax exempted none healthcare prescription benefit for first nations status natives is vitamins [not Multivitamins?] why stop at tax exemption? Alternative medicine & medicare insurance merged? [News]

This is perhaps just one of the Canadian federal governments shenanigans in obscuring tax loop holes in society so they use pdf  to shield internet access to tax exemptions, so basically you have to do your own homework on the internet to see what you are eligible for if your first nations or other? I myself found out the hard way about this tax and vitamin situation through inquiries at the health food vitamin stores I originally had the impression that you had to be on the Indian reserve to receive native tax exemptions my thought wrong I guess?  Here I could of saved much needed monies that could of went to other living expenses. Although the first nation tax exemption does not cover multivitamins? you can always get something that just does just as well if not better than multivitamins or just purchase something that targets whats ailing you like what I do?  I take Recovery by purica for my ache and pains it works better than any prescription pain killer or Rx drugs that I have taken before].

First Nations Tax Exemption link

As far as I am concerned vitamin nutrition[s] should be apart of the [MSP] medicare insurance plan for everyone, canada’s universal medical care system will collapse soon unless we take affirmative action and implement alternative medicine into our already under stressed healthcare system in Canada,  I believe, or read somewhere that some countries in Europe already use alternative medicine in conjunction with there medical insurance plan or they offer some kind of credits for people achieving better health for themselves?

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-Keith Ranville



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