HIV testing mandatory in B.C hospitals? is the CDC monitoring a new transmission of the AIDS virus; Bedbugs Influenza transmitted a-possibility? News Blog

Contagion that came out in theaters recently, it makes you think whats really going on in the background of the cdc, or what role does the pharmaceutical industry really plays in a influenza pandemics crisis do they offer the carrot and the stick? [the cause and and cure for profit]

In times of a deadly flu pandemic I would myself would dose up on baking soda and alkaline my body asap this would give you a fighting chance to survive any deadly virus, viruses bacteria can’t live in a alkaline environment.  Well its better than doing nothing at all?

– Keith Ranville Theory, Michel Nostradamus used a brass dish to help Alkalized his body to combat the Bubonic Plague.




Bubonic plague, michel nostradamus prescribed clean linen, fresh air, lowfat diet, rosehips to combat this black death a “brass dish” combined may have prevented the bubonic plague?

I am spreading a message something michel nostadamus would do if he was alive today, he would offer the carrot.

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville




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