BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – B.C offers free nicotine patches and gum to anyone that has msp, free alternative diabetes therapy’s would benefit tax payers better to; like I said in a previous blog post of something to the fact Canada’s healthcare will get run into to the ground unless we take preventable measures to diseases like lung cancer, diabetes and to other dietary caused illnesses pay now or pay more later this is real simple logic to understand to what I am saying.

Hey friends or my blog readers you can get free stop smoking paraphernalia with your MSP # in b.c for 12 weeks out of every year. If you smoke cigarettes than I’m imploring you to give it a try to stop smoking I smoked before from age 14  or-15 to my mid 20’s and I know how hard it is to stop smoking I quit hundreds of time before I actually quit smoking cigarettes for good, at least I know how hard it is to quit this nasty habit its tough to do in I know this first hand .. I am posting this good information on my blog cause I care. Sincerely Keith Ranville 🙂

All Canadian  provinces plan to pay for for quit smoking therapy’s very soon b.c’s the first province now next will be Saskatchewan News Details


Treasure makes people do crazy things I would think so after witnessing oak islands greatest treasure hunt internet ranting in the name of obsessive foolishness . 

The treasure curse;  some would call anything bad that comes out of treasure hunting a cures I would call it simple greed and jealousy nothing more.

[Curse of the diamond part 1of 3, filmed in Vancouver B.C, canada]

I was watching the history channel this morning and they interviewed this treasure hunter and he had said that he had experienced people pulling weapons on him cause of the treasure that he had found from an old Caribbean sunken ship? And he attributed unsavory treasure fever crooks to the treasures curse? I don’t its all out greed plain and simple.

Charismatic Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville