Contrails, chemtrails are we being poisoned by our governments? conspiracy theorists believe so, spikes of aluminum & barium found in our environment lately? News Blog

Could this be a case of mass hypochondria caused by internet hysteria jargon, just the thought of biological chemicals being sprayed on us purposely is a scary scenario for anyone to comprehend? Pollution alone is havoc enough on our body’s systems let alone knowing the government is doing top secret experiments on us too, the way I see it we are already being poisoned just by our human garbage output to our environment.

We should be more concerned about green house gas emissions and keeping our oceans and lands clean than worrying what the government is trying to do to us ‘oh’ I forgot they’re [politicians] of course responsible for polluting our world already through the lobbying or bribery of insidious corporations or big oil companies?

This planet’s environment is becoming more acidic likewise to our bodies too cause we consume what this world produces to us too, it would be wise to alkaline our bodies some by eating more green leafy produce maybe.


Keith Ranville



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