Global news reports hushed over mohawk children’s mass genocide vatican, u.k queen perpetrated murder of-residential-school-native-childern. 

Ground penetrating radar technology uncovers mass graves of innocent mohawk native children in Brantford Ontario, Canada [reservation kids] whom were forced to attended a canadian residential school that was operated by the [u.k queen] england Anglican/vatican church back in 1832 its setup was meant to destroy generations of mowhawk native children, the death camp school lasted until 1970+.

I really don’t know if this u.k religious cowardly barbaric news sickens me or angers? Who in there right mind would do such a disgraceful thing like to murder harmless young children of any race in fact. And shame on the media for trying to quieten this news to the world that concerns canadian history, and I also would like to see some sort of justice for these terrible genocide crimes of humanity brought  here from Europe.

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Keith Ranville

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