The american government is one big lie the next terror opponents will be from the fringed out aliens race? ufo’s extraterrestrial could of killed us eons ago why would they start now they have no interested in harming us

but our governments are interested in using us or deceptive lying out of greed, even to having us killed over lies. the governments is basically tomfoolery they lost all there credibility this is no conspiracy if you take a look at the news youtube footage video and then you will see what the governments is really about and then you may gain some insight to what I am saying .-  Keith Ranville

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The Native American Indian prophetic hopi rock may explain the ancient egyptian pyramid reason; a makeshift star bridge traveling device.

I believe we are from the stars.

Is there an origins to where we ascended from, and to were we have been engineered, maybe we’re from somewhere else in the universe perhaps we’re from a distant star that they maybe wanting us to come back for what ever reason.  [2012 mayan prophecy]

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville