News World Be Prepared – When mega sun solar flares start to whips earths arse it will cost these internet tycoons trillions of dollars [good], but sadly these up coming solar events will affect our banking systems world wide so it would be wise to stick some of your casholla in your mattress or cookie jar? in the next little while my friends or readers,

there is more to solar flares to be prepared for folks nasa probably expects everything from nuclear plant melt downs to a global communication breakdown [breakdown in society] I always believed in my mind or thoughts during  a 2005 vancouver b.c exploration destination to across canada to the east coast maritimes that the name NOVA SCOTIA it came from the words “From light into Darkness” I’m in the 7th year [trumpets] 2012, the sun is a entity god like spirit its not just burning gases as theorize by nasa space experts. – Keith Ranville

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