Japans Archaeological Underwater UFO Quarry

Ancient mysterious places like the japan yonaguni underwater pyramid archaeological site is a ancient ufo quarry used to fuel its-crafts. News Blog

The slag that has been reported to fall out of unidentified flying objects by people around the the world [Maury Island Incident] its strange slag properties is derived from ufo quarried mysterious geometric areas from around the world like in the dragons triangle where there is a underwater archaeological unexplained site. The Japanese ancient dogu man is actually perhaps a ancient diver? it has arcing cutting tools as hands to quarry underwater area’s like for in the mystifying underwater archaeological site in japans underwater geometric quarry site .

Related story: vancouver, b.c canada evening I, and a friend witnessed a ufo above english bay it dropped flare like slag from it, much like the ufo news story out of utah county u.s.a. – Keith Ranville


Keith Ranville



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  1. theresa

     /  September 28, 2013

    it looks like a rock quarry

  1. Baltic Sea UFO Anomaly is a imprint of what was there before. | Keith Ranville First Nations Explorer

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