Derek woo 23, and his Kwantlen University student associate Scott McIndoe came up with a marvelous idea “Anti-gang T-Shirts ‘So not G, stop gang violence’ as the ‘G’ referencing gangs. Blog News

Derek woo has taken initiated action after losing his father and uncle to gang violence in the lower-mainland British Columbia, Derek he and a school buddy of his got to gather an decided to turn his loss of kin to gang violence into something positive like to inspire other kids to stay out of gangs this is a cool idea that him and a classmate colleague came up with, there sell business pitch idea is them marketing a t-shirt with a catchy slang slogan to it ‘So not G’ to other kids or even adults I in fact have one on order XXL. The donating proceeds goes to the Kwantlen Business School and for a memorial bench in his dad’s name Mr. Bill Woo.

If you are interested in purchasing a So Not G T- Shirt you can contact Derek woo in the information below.

Woo and McIndoe should have their T-shirts available by the now. They are available by going online at or by emailing an order to

The duo is also looking for companies or organizations that want to partner with them in their effort against gangs. Blogging News

The Province related Story Murdered gangster’s son markets T-shirts to keep kids out of gangs


Note; I am not a fan of gangs or in fact of secret societies either, like what my late father [Elie Ranville] would say to me about gangs or groups of thugs; a real man stands on his own two feet in this world.

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Keith ranville

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  1. Thank you Uncle!!!!


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