War within the u.s military like Americas politics, u.s troops paid assassins to stifle u.s elections war’s big business republican/democratic parties involvement the monkey’s out of the bag. Conspiracy  News

Well.. well well we are seeing a new face to the political battle field in the u.s it has slipped into the realities of war in Afghanistan for the world to see and we see it in the recent slain of innocent Kandahar Afghans that was more than likely perpetrated by u.s troop[s] or is it the work of a lone mad gun man, or is this a much bigger conspiracy a conspiracy to keep the war pot stirred to keep the war happening in Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries?  the United States have spent to finance both the War in Iraq ($801804751018) and the War in Afghanistan ($509313427425) and its growing in numbers well someone is profiting off war mmnn… I  wonder who it is that is getting there pockets lined its most likely washington bureaucrats corporate lobbyist and the list goes on.

American politics had evolved like how the gangster mobs of the worlds has politics now they are more ruthless and dangerous than ever and the scary thing about this new face to the political scene in america is that they can get away with anything like murder brad meltzers of decoded tells of how the cartel Mexican mob has plants in the u.s army that are trained to kill and steal weapons so is the u.s army a training ground for mercenaries murderers for hire? these people in the u.s army that are killing innocent afghans I would follow a money trail of theirs starting from there friends and family members and look for a slight bump of income or to recent inheritances?

These waged wars in the middle east is not about right or wrong its all about the Benjamin’$


keith Ranville