This summer should be a exciting time for oak island money pit’s legacy, hobson island history channel to make a investigative documentary to its oak island relation?

Oak island money pit’s mystery has many well researched avenue’s from a island [birch island] with a large triangle carved into it’s landscape to a shipwreck with possible treasure bullion sunken with it on hobson island?

Birch Island Oak Island Relation

If you ask me this is the best era of treasure hunting in relation to this oak island mystery it don’t get better than a large treasure mark crest insignia stamped in a island and also into in stone to of a mysterious monk like pirate that is beholding a might to be a dangleing treasure ship on its sword ?

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It was plain and clear that once the oak island dog and pony show beat it many people and the news media were better able to see this nova scotia, mahone bay treasure mystery without obscure contaminated minds that who were really trying to just make and keep this money pit treasure hunt a fairytale for monetary reasons.  What I am saying birch island and also hobson island are the new kids on the block in concern to the oak island treasure mystery.

I will keep you informed of the hobson island documentary deal, and when it premieres on television this should be very interesting to see and hear down the road.


Keith Ranville

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