U.S Flood & Xochimilco Remedy

The land mass in the united states is diminishing by water adaption is the answer Xochipilli, Mexico provides answers to America & Canada’s water woes, starting along the mississippi river problem flood areas there should be canals built then filled in areas with impacted organic debris like how the Xochipilli, Mexico gardens were somewhat done to cultivate food?

This past ancient engineering task does not have to be drastically done right away what we do is build a already flooded area to the size of a small town then grow from there using canals as streets for transportation of materials we can build magnificent metropolis cities areas in north america envisioned it.

We do not go against nature we flow with it like water does, its a real simple understanding concept that I put forward.

News Link  TUCSON, Arizona, February 16, 2011 (ENS) – Rising sea levels in hundreds of cities along U.S. coastlines will lose about 10 percent of their land area by 2100, finds new research led by University of Arizona scientists.

Native Researcher/ Shaman

Keith Ranville