Tonto of the Caribbeans jack sparrow stars in the lone ranger Johnny Depp’s next block buster movie role as tonto the lone rangers sidekick. Disney News Blog

Mr. johnny Depp, him who has native american heritage in him will pull off the tonto native indian character in the lone ranger,  in the past hollywood has portrayed the indigenous north American native Indians as a ignorant culture me as a native treasure hunter knows this stereotype ignorance all to well but I just shake it off as whatever all that I  know is that I am one clever native indian man that is all that matters to me I just know that this is how this world works people assume native indians are not supposed to be smart no thanks to hollywood caucasian ignorance.

I really think this johnny depp native role in the lone ranger will be a good performance well cause he is a hollywood blockbuster star so therefore the attention should be on him after all the lone ranger in in a mask played by Armie Hammer  and not a bigger movie star than johnny depp

But judging by the crow bird on johnny depps head this looks like to be a blazing saddle comedy not a serious cowboy western duster movie? The pirate of the Caribbean meets the lone ranger the sparrow tonto  characters look similar in style :p

Treasure Hunter,

Keith Ranville

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