A compelling nostalgic end of world conspiracy film that will leave you thinking we are in the last days collage events paints a-dim prophecy for man-kind. 

Youtube – Illuminati freemasonary 2012 end of world conspiracy predictions.

I can remember as a kid in the 1970’s I would see this guy walking around a couple blocks away from my home he would be carrying this sign around  that it would say the end of the world is coming? back then the only real scare that the world could end was the threat of a nuclear war? However decades later to 2012 [now] there seems to be so much devastation happening in our world that may lead us to believe that the world could in fact be on the brinks of a collapse of civilization or a global catastrophe is going to happen, its hard to think that these gloomy thoughts are just the work of a over active paranoid imagination especially with all these latest dire weather patterns going ons and the sun’s solar activity on the tilt, and not to mention wars waged deceptive greedy lies.

First Nations Observer

The hideous secret behind all war is its not for the reason for battling in the name of the righteousness or religion wars are meant to reap of the wealth and power of the opponents land. All men and woman should understand this already. Keith Ranville

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  1. great site! Awareness is key


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