Fans Fire Alain Vigneault

Mr. Gillis,

We, Vancouver Canucks fans, ask that you consider firing coach Alain Vigneault. Mr. Vigneault also got to the 2nd round of the playoffs with the Montreal Canadiens, he then missed the playoffs in 2 straight years before being fired in his fourth year. Please do not make the same mistake the Canadiens did in waiting too long to fire this man.

At this time the team has once again lost its way, much the same way they did last year, leading to your hiring. The team consistently makes the same mistakes game after game and shows little emotion. Do not wait until we do not have a chance to make the playoffs or until all the suitable replacements are gone. We bring this petition to your attention as there is no noise being made where we feel there should be at least some consideration

sign it fans


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