Indian residential school settlement time is running out to get your money for getting perverted by the Canadian  government deadline to apply is september 19th 2012 – Breaking News

This notice was slipped under my door today ?


This is what it said on the reverse side of the notice document, I do not apply to this residential school canadian government money back charade for them giving abuse to native indians, but my mother was eligible for it and she did pick up a check for it but she sadly passed away before she could happily spend her residential school money funds for her being in one of them hellish residential schools.

The abuse from many of these residential schools was meant to exercise the culture out of the original native Indians in Canada.

Identity Crisis Issue

What many people do not understand is this residential school abuse did not only affected the abused but it trickled down to generations for many canadian native indian families of the abused this resulted in alcoholism, suicides and other self destructive abuse that led to prision and not to mention finale that something that I can identify with is being tossed into foster homes and group homes?


Maybe I consider myself self educated because maybe I associate going to school to these past evil residential schools no amount of money can fix that problem ever.

A Proud

First Nations / Métis

-Keith Ranville


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