New research explains the spectacular publicized 1952 ufo’s flight over Washington D.C was a message in braille form? News USA – Canada.

The washington d.c ufo formation seems to be in a unique braille sequence that maybe a blind person can be best to comprehend? but who knows we may need a rosetta stone of more ufo patterns to further the alien message language? it looks like they are playing dominions?

This 1952 washington d.c ufo code I believe it is describing a location or a destination, but the triangle trio ufo crafts seems to be dominating symbol. [My basic reading below]

Triangle – one – two – one above – two – apart two


Keith Ranville


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  1. These aligned ufo sequences I have seen this before these alien beings in ufo’s has been here on earth for eons and I would bet a buffalo nickle that the language they are messaging the washington d.c air space july 12th 1952 is the same language code from Kerlescan alignments stones, Carnac, France http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/17/Kerlescan.JPG/800px-Kerlescan.JPG

  2. Harry Sacknutz

     /  August 15, 2018

    Did you ever stop to notice that the UFO lights are just camera lens reflections? Note that the pattern of them is the exact same pattern as the lights in front of the building, but reversed. It’s a lens reflection and any photographer would recognize that instantly.


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