Today me an my bro entered the c-lovers fishy & chips joint on demand street west end vancouver an almost ended up in the joint for changing our order to the special that they offer 10 seconds after we ordered or maybe cause we are native indians, waiters there have a bad rude attitude there, we were not aware of the special offer in the first place until I saw it on the table on the cube like advertiser box it was a $14 dollar deal? for a fish and chips meal and a beer ale.


The bottom line they threatened to call the cops on us for us inquiring on who manages this fishy joint so I can make a formal complaint?  so we just went to veras burger joint down the street  it was great we told them our story what happened and they said some places have bad service out here.  But, our stanley park excursion walk about was ruined I strongly feel that we were discriminated against for cause of our native background . our order of fish and chips almost sent us up the river literal. in a drag net and this ain’t no fish story .

I would like a formal apology from the c-lovers franchise


-Keith Ranville


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