Betty’s alien ufo abduction star map codes to sun to star system traveling map; recent nasa sun anomalies footage explains there is ufo activity going on with our sun.

Into the sun [star] would be the logical way to travel to other star systems.

Youtube video footage of the Betty and Barney hill alien abduction situation? and other alien abductions.


Keith Ranville

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  1. Sun Thermophile Life Found on Sun – I have Identify these sun ufo anomalies as sun thermophiles they thrive off the sun like earths extreme heat loving organisms found around volcanic vents.

    If earth has bacteria organisms that thrive in extreme heat then who’s to say places like the sun don’t have them?

    This sun thermophile theory that I came up with months ago seems to be a logical answer whats going on the sun lately?

    [Research Report]

    Reporting Research, Keith Ranville


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