Holy Chuck Burgers called “The Half-breed” and “The Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” BEEF

Holy Chuck Burgers called “The Half-breed” and “The Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” A first nations beef we were not the savages, or  dirty.

people of all cultures in canada, u.s should realize that the first people of the new world were free of all European unhealthy hygiene thus germs woes.

Its disheartening to know in how if this racy insult was aimed at any other new canadian culture there would of being  prompted policing action taken to this bigot racists act that was taken onto the aboriginal people of canada.

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville




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  1. [APTN NATIONAL NEWS] Toronto restaurant scalded after using slur for burger name

    APTN National News

    A local burger joint has cooked up some sizzle among Aboriginal people, especially online.

    The heat is over the name of a hamburger called the “The Dirty Drunken Half Breed.”

    APTN National News reporter Delaney Windigo serves up the story for us, without relish, from Toronto.




  2. The Holy Chuck Racy towards native people menu that was posted online the burger joint is located at 1450 Yonge Street Toronto, ON Canada M4T 1Y7 (416) 962-4825 – APTN National News pictorial Source.

    Holy Chuck Racy Controversial Menu

  3. Bernard R

     /  August 30, 2012

    why are these people allowed to stay in business. You can bet if they had a racial slur against black people, the government would be all over them and shut them down

  4. we all know that the acronym for the restaurants tasteless marketing name holy chuck is holy f*ck ..So the owners of the holy chucks burger joint did not know what they were meant saying that what they posted on there “wink wink” {you know what I mean] menu ; come on now the racy insult was a intentionally act to discriminate in slur indirectly at native Indian people cultures of canada, and the u.s.

    Holy Chuck f*ck Burgers-They don’t Chuck [f*ck] around! The Dirty Drunken Half-Breed Controversy.

  1. ANTI ISLAMIC U.S FILM GERONIMO’S REVENGE « Keith Ranville First Nations Explorer

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