Obscure lakes in the Andes holds underwater ancient power plants purposed to generate energy for a advance race HARRP comes to mind for me & ancient astronauts perhaps control[ed] the earths atmosphere for flight and earths weather pattern and also to manipulate geological areas on this planet.

Youtube Andes ancient aliens power grid hidden in lakes?

This nuclear power plant like power grid place way up in the lakes of the Andes is perhaps the Achilles heal to bring down these alien ufo crafts  ? If in fact this place is actually real, but anyways I do believe that there is a power source somewhere in our universe that is the ultimate power controller of all energies. [There must be power circuit board switch  here for our planet too..]


Keith Ranville


DNA details samples proves that bigfoot exists? CNN Breaks News Report  – Keith Ranville Blog


Whats really behind top secret government programs, anonymous film released of alien beings being  hybrid in the millions whats going on a UFO invasion on earth in the makings 2012? – Keith Ranville

Youtube – News

Dulce underground secret Base under Mt. Archuleta, Dulce, New Mexico
this footage has allegedly been smuggled out from the Dulce alien underground base where humans and aliens work together on horrific bio genetic experiments this mind blowing new footage leaves many questions unanswered you can see a vast hall of cryo genetic feeding tanks and vats Each of these tell a confusing, disturbing story of human / alien interaction in the top secret
Human alien hybrid breeding programs This is the Largest Reptilian and Grey Base in Atomic Manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio human chip implantation, abduction and feeding off of humans


America plans to shoot for the moon in a nuclear arms race with russia literally usa had intentions in detonating a nuclear bomb on the our lunar surface in 1958 Project A-119. – News

A crazy little thing called war can come up with some real dumb ideas?

Slim Pickens Major Kong in Dr. Strangelove 1964 –  Youtube


Keith Ranville


Saturns twin geometric anomaly moons correlation to coral castles star hexagon pearl fountain, Saturns hexagon is creating a new world like pearl – News  


Ed Leedskalnin maker of the mystery coral castle left some exciting planetary clues from his life’s work that may explain on whats mysteriously going on and around with saturn and its moons minas and tehtys lately.


Keith Ranville


LARGE ARC TRIANGLES discovered on land mass areas around the world where mysterious blond haired people lived like the gloosap legend man in nova scotia birch island mahone bay holds a large triangle with a arc? – News

Youtube video about arc triangle large land mass areas and its connection to mysterious blond haired people? Birch island triangle the infamous oak island money pit is related to this mysterious birch island triangle.

Micmac indians of the 14th century tell legends of a blond haired, blue eyed god who they called “Glooscap,” whose friendly manner won the hearts of the natives.


Keith Ranville



Planetary alignments with 3 giza pyramids for the 1st time in 2,737 years on December 03, 2012

this alignment is also likewise from mars surface to with Earth, Venus and Jupiter? as I reported recently.


Keith Ranville


Emmy award winning journalist amber lyon discloses cnn war propaganda corruption for profit cbc is in the same business my oak island research exposed cbc as censorship for dollars years ago and not to mention my middle east part time reporting has uncovered some cnn war propaganda nonsense to so this news about cnn being a corrupt news source is nothing new to me and for other internet readers that have been following my blog for years.

I myself came up with the slogan CNN the most untrusted name in the news back during the Egypt uprising and the gadaffi over throw regime cnn war thing? this was all cnn news propaganda war instigating and I believe what amber lyon was saying that major news media moguls like cnn hln news is playing with fire with them fabricating the news to win a war in the minds of the american people the cnn news next u.s war scare is iran and them have nuclear weapons $ [war is money]

Youtube News Alex Jones Interviews – Amber Lyon and she looks to become a folk hero among the INTERNET bloggers like myself, well this is the place[s] like my blog and others internet independent news sources this is where that you are going to find deceptions in the news big media corporations and also what I would like to add to this ccn news pay off scheme scandal that it is no secret that cnn and hln have the pharmaceutical companies pulling there stings to this is is another conspiracy.

I know there is more that I would like to add to this corrupt cnn news story but there is just not enough hours in the day to pile on this cnn three ring sideshow news circus company.

The Truth Is Somewhere Out There outside of the realm of CNN.

Reporter/ Researcher,

Keith Ranville


Pharaoh Akhenaten ancient inscription reading tells of a ritual book of a god embodiment to a man being ascending from a celestial event  – News Blog


Keith Ranville


Pharaoh Akhenaten ancient sun disk inscription is actually a moon in a celestial solar phase, sun-rays is counts of moon rays days 18+1+1=21 or a time, times, and a half    News 


YOUTUBE A documentary on the strange life of Akhenaten 1/6

Ahmose [“child of the moon god”]


“A short interval of monotheism (Atenism) occurred under the reign of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), focused on the Egyptian sun deity Aten. The Aten is typically shown as a sun disk with rays coming out of all sides. Akhenaten built a new capital at Amarna with temples for the Aten. This was a symbolic act as Akhenaten wanted a place of worship for the Aten that was not tainted by the visage of other deities.’


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