Unsealed alien files tv program exclusively obscured from the internet? why? I don’t get it literally this just add to its unbelievability content, a ratings scheme ?

I searched the internet to watch unsealed alien files but is was to no avail it is remained unseen to me I do not have the extra cable channel to view the controversial ufo conspiracy tv program.

Exposing the biggest secrets on planet earth only on television only?   A CONSPIRACY WITHIN A CONSPIRACY THUS MARKETING ANTIC RE; UNSEALED ALIEN FILES.


Keith Ranville


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  1. Anshu kushwaha

     /  September 1, 2014


  2. People don’t understand that these shows are complete speculation, with very little hard evidence, and very little “science”. They are meant to raise ratings and that’s it. This is coming from one of the Phoenix Lights witnesses (which actually started over Nevada and later Yuma Arizona, not Phoenix) back in the mid-90’s. One twisting of truth by these yahoos is the x-points discovered by NASA. This series would have you believe that NASA claimed to find a way of travel across vast distances using these x-points, but if you actually read NASA’s findings, they say that these x-points are ways that matter travels between the Sun and Earth, not alien systems.Read it for yourselves here: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/mag-portals.html#.VOGACy6L2M4That is one of hundreds, possibly thousands, of “facts” that this series and others have twisted to make interesting.


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