The new canada polymer bills is a disgraceful inconvenience the governments fool and there money has no grit surface,

they make it difficult to distinguish one another bill by touch to count let alone by a bank machine?

Well if they put so much security features thought into these new canadian bank notes they could of at least made the polymer bills better user friendly to the average user holder of the currency? They could of at least made the $bills to have a grit surface to it similar to the one side of the 3M transparency film sheets for inkjet printers 

Irony; they made the new canada polymer $ dollar bills good for the blind to read in braille but sloppy to the slippery touch to the average user for the annoying to the handling of these new polymer bank notes?

Maybe when they make the new polymer 5 and 10 dollar bills they can add this better handling feature to the bank notes that I put forward in this blog post?


Keith Ranville,



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  1. Excuse me for the “irony” wording part and therefore in the article.. I was pressed for time in my blog posting the other day, but hopefully people will get what I am talking about in concerns of these hard to handle polymer bills; these new canadian polymer bills can be still resurfaced when they get back to the canada mint with a grit like spray, or hopefully someone could [a better mousetrap] make a wallet that will make it easier convenient to handle these slippery canada polymer bills?

    The way I see it we are back to using the plastic to paying for things arrgh..


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