Pharaoh Akhenaten ancient sun disk inscription is actually a moon in a celestial solar phase, sun-rays is counts of moon rays days 18+1+1=21 or a time, times, and a half    News 


YOUTUBE A documentary on the strange life of Akhenaten 1/6

Ahmose [“child of the moon god”]


“A short interval of monotheism (Atenism) occurred under the reign of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), focused on the Egyptian sun deity Aten. The Aten is typically shown as a sun disk with rays coming out of all sides. Akhenaten built a new capital at Amarna with temples for the Aten. This was a symbolic act as Akhenaten wanted a place of worship for the Aten that was not tainted by the visage of other deities.’


Keith Ranville

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