Edgar Allan Poe a fictional writer some claim that he inspired oak islands money pit treasure hunt through his cipher making abilities I don’t see it in the gold bug a captain kidd / blackbeard like fantasy story book tale of his. I find it hard to believe that edgar allen poe inspired the oak island money pit treasure hunt as some believe in anyway?


In the edgar allen poe’s the gold bug cipher I see no real similarities to the oak island money pit treasure stone code cipher of ”forty feet below two million pounds are buried”  however the oak island money pit stone cipher I believe it reads something completely logically different from modern day codes. New Oak Island Native Code: OAK ISLAND TREASURE NATIVE MAN’S MYSTERIOUS CODES 

Excerpt from the gold bug

“The chest is located by the means of a bug that looks like ‘a death’s head’, which has to be lowered through the eye holes of a skull, which rests on the ‘dead’ limb of a tree, which lead to a pit containing a ‘mass of human bones’ beneath which is an oblong chest of wood. The thing buried within such a chest is of great value, a treasure indeed (Silverman, p. 208.)”

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  1. You have to admit it’s likely that Poe based the story loosely on the real oak island legend. The gold bug story immediately came to mind when I started watching oak island on the history channel.

    People love good fiction and great fiction almost always has a grain of truth to it. Look at Melville’s Moby Dick for example. He sat sailors and distilled their stories into the novel

    I believe Poe probably overheard someone talking about oak island and it probably took form in an absinthe fueled bout of inspired fantasy.

    Of course no one will ever really know. That makes the story even more interesting.


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