Maya rituals to be banned from mayan temples 12.21.2012 why? END OF WORLD FEARS mayan last calendar date its not end of ignorances thats for sure! Conspiracy News

Ghost Dance

GHOST DANCE a native ritual that was outlawed in the united states out of fear of native uprisings so therefor I feel there is a fear involved for the mayan people if they do rituals at temples throughout the archaeological temples sites in the south american locales during this coming of the 12.21.2012 13 buktun mayan celebration ceremony.   

I feel there will be a descend – ascending from the sun of alien beings or them better know by the ancients as gods, the sun should become anomalous at some point in awhile and enlightenment  visions may happen through flickers out from the sun there is something unworldly that is in the midst for us to experience through rituals or not it will happen something will change this much I do know this is something that I saw through my dreams.

Banning someone from anywhere is not the answer unless they are feared by the evil doers

– First Nations, Keith Ranville

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