#IdleNoMore Stop Protesting till the Chiefs Negotiates Your Rights Away

#IdleNoMore Stop Protesting till your Chiefs Negotiates Your Rights Away Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger striking charade my foot #IdleNoMore was never about first nations chiefs concerns and there ploys it was about the native peoples rights being taken away in canada!

Like in the Braveheart movie there Scottish leaders wants to negotiate with the crown for personal stateus gain before a truce is made this is likewise to what we are seeing with what our native chiefs are doing now they are bargaining our native rights away and this is what this #IdleNoMore is supposed to be standing for!!! OUR NATIVE RIGHTS

#IdleNoMore lives for the native peoples people rights, RIGHT keep the path.

Keith Ranville of First Nations


youtube video above relates to whats happening now with the #IdleNoMore native movement in a similar scenario.


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