Native man pledges to revoke status card in light of Idle No More movement, I myself had no native status as a kid until Bill C-31 was passed in 1985 cause my father was non-status cree metis, an to see this Anthony Sowan get global news media attention because he hates being native indian or a status indian? I just find this ignorant and arrogant of anthony sowan he is as a confused kid that enjoys attention whoring by with him using shock talk jargon after all he is in the radio talking business.  That radio that anthony sowan B.S’s on it should just continue to blow people that is airs to.. god only knows who listens to it?

I am a proud first nations cree status indian and there is no amount of persuasion or brainwashing that would make me want to give up that status right because this is the only rights that I inherited from my late mother an it was passed down to me through a law that was once ignorant towards her – Christine Mable Ranville.


Keith Ranville


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