Oak Island Tours Receive TTL Confirmation 2013

Apparently the carry on gang is rushing into the oak island money pit unprepared? this is a recipe for disaster in amateur treasure hunting this is called what were you thinking .

Oak Island Tours Receive TTL

We are pleased to state that as of July 10, 2012 Oak Island Tours Inc has received the TTL (Treasure Trove License). Although it is unfortunate that 7 months has gone by and we are left in the difficult position of having to secure personnel and equipment on short notice we are committed to pursuit. It is our hope in the near term to do work in the Money Pit area.

As always, we remain hopeful and committed to a successful conclusion.

Rick Lagina

Reporting an Commenting

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville



Loch Ness Solved Time Passages Fault Aztec Oracles

Loch Ness mammals sightings are prehistoric creatures from timely figment figures from another time realm of worlds from mystic energies of no faults or our realities this is likewise to ghost ship, bigfoot sightings science answers to enigmas is unfounded.

Oracle of Delphi – Youtube

Yes its true meso – aztect people built great temples and cities on fault lines this only that they can converse with the gods in visions or apparitions. 

Sun God


Keith Ranville