Mecca Kaaba Stone Summons Influenza from Space

If so, the mecca kaaba stone is a meteorite from outer-space it would make sense that it would attract a deadly Influenza MERS coronavirus from outer space through Muslim worshipers in  pilgram to mecca’s Hajj religious ritual. The mers coronvirus can be easily be transmitted through the contact of the mecca kaaba stone as it gets touched an kissed by many Muslims who worshipers it at the center of the pilgrim.

As seen in my reading of the mecca kaaba black stone it holds a pandora like box and I believe the mecca kaaba stone is housed in this box to, the spirit mecca stone it somehow got Muslims to create this box through perhaps illusive dreams or visions?

Influenza from space

Youtube – The story behind the black stone in Makkah

Everything is apart of the creation of the universe

Native Shaman

Keith Ranville


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  1. Thanks for your sharing,I appreciate this.keep up the good work.

  2. tracy stanford

     /  September 23, 2013

    You do realize that MERS has a 44% mortality rate and Hajj is just around the corner. They will line up to kiss the stone and then get back on planes to spread the virus.


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