Rolling Stone Magazine boston bomber punk

Iconic Rolling Stone Magazine Spins Boston Marathon Bomber Bugger Dzhokhar Tsarnaev into a martyr Celebrity Status in a pictorial on there front page I re-released I better rendition cover copy issue of the rolling stone magazine today that portrays Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a idiot kid that doesn’t know any better. However we are living in a media time when anyone can be a celebrity like the Kim Kardashians or paris hilton who are famous for just about nothing so I am not really surprised to see one of the most hated men in america on the front page of the rolling stones magazine.

We should should not questions the rolling stone magazine in there errors of there ways but look to ourselves as a society and learn on what we are becoming from what we watch on t.v or on the internet; Violence, Vulgar Language ect.. and we wonder with disgust why we are seeing kids killing people or other kids for whatever reason nation[s] wide in North America on daily basis.

News Blogger,

Keith Ranville

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  1. [Wolfson] said the magazine has hundreds of similar photos and will publish more in its September issue. He said Murphy was “conflicted on some level” about releasing the photos, but “genuinely worried” about how the Rolling Stone cover will affect the victims’ families.


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