Celebrities that use the seeing eye or triangle hands symbol is simply doing a monkey see monkey do expression nothing more its how freemasons gains cult followers. Illuminati Brainwashing News 

Beyonce Jay- Z and there Super Bowl 2013 satanic Illuminati Kabbalistic or cult ritualistic symbolism its nonsense for celebrities to gain better manipulating publicity just by being mysterious; I seen this similar kind of bizarre behavior of others while I was interacting on some oak island money pit treasure hunting forums years back in the past, and its not new internet social networking antics for media celebrities to do at all, its child’s play – [Youtube above]

😉 Peace Man LOL

Cree Code Breaker

Keith Ranville


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  1. That Evil Triangle Symbolism must be Working for Beyonce knowels .. evil is, is what evil does!! look see the devil is in there design.. fear it. I saw this B4 yikes..


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