Is the oak island treasure island haunted you better believe it, it is, people die plain & simple all around you death of family members, friends it-grips-karma-of-death 4 Im cursed to also.

oak island hauted dog pirate

I have regrettable personal woes that I believe that it was contributed from the oak island curse, I for real felt its curse to.. in the late summers day that I stepped foot on oak island the time that when around I had a brief conversation with the part home owner to the treasure isle mr. dan blankenship the chit chat it was concerning the oak island money pit,  way back in 2005. Let’s put it this way the oak island grounds its like a haunted house that later on after you move into it and after you in your mind you feel it is livable and everything is a o.k but later on real bad things happen than all you want to do later is move out or get away from it asap.

The Oak Island Curse part 3

The Oak Island Money Pit deals in death, look to your love ones before you get involved with it.. I have experienced to much losses to care for about treasures.. anymore or for answers. Some things are best to be left alone. I just think the curse got stronger with a more world wild recognition.. I may have to solve the treasure mystery once in for all to put it to rest to rid its curse from the treasure world.


Keith Ranville


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  1. I doubt very much that there is treasure on either Oak island or Birch Island. Peopleshould stop wasting time and money looking for a fiction. If they cared at all for anyof these places, they’d leave them alone.

  2. Once on the island, he found himself stood in a clearing in front of an old oak tree bearing the marks of unnatural scarring. This, he supposed to be caused by a rope and tackle system used to lower material down into a shaft below, indicated by a depression beneath the tree, about 4.8 meters in diameter. This completed the scene as one Daniel immediately recognised from childhood tales of swashbuckling pirates.

  3. Don Williams

     /  July 3, 2017

    Apparently the Oak Island Group didn’t take the stories relating to the curse seriously and Craigslist Testor’s son “and” one of the filming crew ended up paying with their lives. With that in mind, why do you want to pursue the quest to solve ” the mystery “if you are running a potential risk of danger and/or harm to members of your own family. Even if you did manage to solve it, the Oak Island Group would likely not share anything with you. If anything, they would likely hinder you from proving that you had solved it. FYI , I did manage to decipher the symbols from the 90 foot cipher stone “and” was also able to figure out how to use the maps related to the island (I. E.- the two MAR DEL maps, the Key or Kidd map, and several additional maps) that indicate the locations of the treasures. Suddenly I ended up discovering information relating to the individuals who had placed the treasures on the island “and” more mas showing precise locations of the treasures. It suddenly took its hold when , after doing research while visiting my brother, I had fallen asleep and woke up with the television still on. The maps that I had been discovering were being ” broadcast “(??) and displayed onto the television screen. I took about 100 still photos and about an hour of filmed footage to show to my brother and his wife as proof. Then the electrical system on my van started acting crazy -the lights flashing and the horn honking by themselves. I also suddenly had health issues that began to plage me. At that point I decided to take my brother’s advice. He is a minister and has dealt with occurrences of entities. I had everything that I had accumulated that related to my Oak Island research destroyed. Along with various other effects that had occurred, it still took more than 2 weeks before my life began to get back to normal. Since that time I have gradually begun to reassemble “some ” of my research information but have been proceeding with both caution and apprehension. I hope that you are also using a considerable degree of caution as you continue to seek answers. DON

    • Lol Don, the oak island goupies they are not my family, they can play hide and seek with any oak island findings I ain’t got no time for the history Channels evidence louring gimmicks my research is out there for all to enjoy providing my work and name is not being used for monetary gains without my consent. All the best Don cheers. 😋


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