How it something like the curse of oak island goes on t.v and it somehow disillusions its viewers from a prominent native treasure hunters theories who helped to put the oak island money pit on the notoriety map to where it is now.

This is when t.v producers become dumbfoundly ignorant like the producers of the history channel or Prometheus entertainment and this now has been happening for some time with tv producers.. with oak island documentaries one after another and its kind of a shameful sham to put up with time after time.. and for the history channel this is the true curse to oak island for them, the oak island swamp somehow becomes a triangle to for them to try to take the credit for the infamous birch island triangle that they wont mention cause ‘why’ well they want to sell you what you want to know.. and what is that, deceptions! unless you are not internet savvy there are other research to do with the oak island treasure hunt and the history channel fails to bring you this as a so called historian channel. they are so caught up with reality shows that they don’t recognize what is real or genuine they want the t.v ratings and they will go at any extent to do so.. to get them.. like it there money pit opportunity. Welcome to the curse of ignorances.. of yours history channel…

Man of Integrity

Keith Ranville






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