Oak Island stick your money pit up yours ass I’m catching the next wave off the devils island you reality show blundering bastards hence history channel losers .

I have no worries about PR due to the curse of oak island .. ‘Hey you bastards I am still here.. ” P.S I see that the history channel is flooding the internet with oak island jib from there media webbers to smother my well heard notoriety.. say so’s till they break off there last oak island season 5 series or there postponed grand finale for the u.s to see it first.. but not first for canada to see it at the  the same time oh because the history channel figures canadians are dumb and we shouldn’t view there program content until the u.s or america hashes it out first hand; come on who do they think they are..  they film something in canada and then we don’t get exclusive viewing rights to watch there sideshow circus? FYI  in consensus.. Canada has already lost interest in the oak island money pit if the states  gets to watch it weeks in advance.. The history channel Prometheus entertainment  personnel are morons they figure people are stupid like them.

Why the Charade?

Good one its a strategy taken right out of my play book from back in my woop ass early days online..  😉 Its good to see that my work is being repeated :p

Keith Ranville


I use tv shows/movies to depict getting ats..



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