As I suspected the curse of oak island season series 5 finale swamp thing coin turns up was planted to promote a season 2 Petter Amundsen also stands to meticulously gain from oak islands

oak island cojn con curse

swamp findings that who could of planted this coin and same with the curse of oak island entourage like another season of the curse of oak island would benefit there pockets to an likewise for the history channel to.

Smoke and Mirrors my friends..

Keith Ranville


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    The curse of oak island miss-direction trick; Petter Amundsen leads rick & marty lagina to swamp area & plants coin then then gets out of-dodge . OAK ISLAND NEWS
    The Oak Island Curse episode 4/5

    [In photo in blog post above]
    Dan Blankenship analyzing the Coin Con.. from the curse of oak island episode 4/5 season 1 the swamp thing illusion. Drink the oak island kool-aid and then you may just believe!

    Treasure Hunter

    Keith Ranville

  2. mikey

     /  February 24, 2014

    Buffoonery-coin is placed-I’ve used metal detectors and they can make false reading but signal does not completely disappear after several readings-folks in 16th century did not have tech to build such shafts or traps-would take thousands of workers-like the Egyptians.

    Why not just dredge the swamp area with graders etc.

    P.S. i have a swamp in Florida where natives swear Mayans sunk golden pyramids to hide from Spanish. Selling plots for 2K each.

  3. Mike Davis

     /  November 5, 2014

    As someone who is a history buff usually focusing on WWII, and having read at last count over 50 books on WWII and now expanding to other topics, I find this kind of thing like a Playboy magazine. I know I shouldn’t look at it but I can’t take my eyes off it. Sorta like the content you might find at a magazine level of depth, you really learn nothing of value from it but it’s interesting if only in what it provokes in your mind to explore through research and books. Notice I didn’t mention looking stuff up in the Internet. Might as well just make it up if that is your research medium of choice. Or go find a bathroom wall.


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