As I suspected #bitcoin ends up getting ripped off by hackers? and people are angry over this digital fake money pit scheme.

I remember a ways back a few months ago and I was seeing rookie guys and girls they were all gungho over this bitcoin new money charade and it was even on the t.v news, but I saw bitcoin as fools for your money.. I would not out right throw my cash on the internet web like how one would bet on a roulette wheel. Be smart bitcoiner users and go back to your old bank like what normal people do with there hard earned doe

Here is a message to Bitcoin users.. I told you so,  HA HA

Keith, 😉




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  1. john

     /  July 9, 2016

    isnt bit coin hovering around 850 CAD with a recent spike to 1000$/coin and just in dec it was 520 roughly


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