Vikings Season 2 Begins this Weeks on T.V

Vikings, one of the better t.v shows that I enjoy on the history channel cause little is kn0wn of these sea going Scandinavian warriors . Were the Vikings in the new world before Christopher Columbus  yes according to Canadian archaeological digs.

Vikings It premieres on Feb 17th 2014 on the history channel.

[Creepy Canada – Viking Ghost Ship segment 39.30 minutes into the youtube video]

Aprox every 30 years August 15th a viking ghost ship shows up at L’Anse Medows, Newfoundland I seen this story on creep canada a few years back this story intrigues me cause I got a theory to this ghostly vision myself, but I wont get into it right now.


Viking Ghost Boat in L’Anse aux Meadows. Before Christopher Columbus laid claim to discovering America, the Vikings explored this region and founded a settlement here, leaving only a few physical artifacts for historians to remember them in the future centuries. But some witnesses claim about them returning in apparition, and have seen this spooky Viking Longboat sailing majestically along the fog-shrouded shores.[50] It was featured on Creepy Canada.


Keith Ranville


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