The curse of oak island is playing  again but what what t.v viewers don’t know is that I’m the leading money pit treasure hunter racism plays a role

to why I’m excluded from the history channel and many other failed oak island money pit documentaries, books, articles and even websites. People should know this ignorant intimidating issue thats been happening about oak island in nova scotia canada, and oh yes they tried to stop this racy truth about them but the oak island money pit creepy hillbillies personal attack ploy on me blew up in there face big-time on schemmie there failed chat forums and oak island annual days cult gathering . I ask the history channel does god like treasure hunting?

Yours Truly, 😉

The Greatest Treasure Hunter

A Proud First Nations Native.

Keith Ranville


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  1. THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND RACISM BAN HISTORY CHANNEL | Keith Ranville First Nations Explorer

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