Mayan King Pacal, a time travel a arrival of himself may just be in the works? his sarcophagus inscription is believed to be a spaceship its a time machine in my opinion .

how else could of the ancient mayan culture could have such a accuracy of time in there magnificent calendar?


Palenque, Mexico News

Researcher  / Shaman

Keith Ranville

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  1. Ron

     /  February 3, 2018

    I am always amused at the re-hash of von Daniken’s garbage. The ‘time machine’ image on your page is a ‘doctored/combined’ image of two very different items. The main image of the ‘machine’ has been rotated through 90 degrees to make it look like a space ship or something, when in reality it is a Mayan reclining figure in front of a stylized image of a tree. The religious meaning of the tree need not concern us here. The inscribed disc to the right of this image is actually from central Mexico and is the famous ‘sun dial’ that can be seen in the museum in Mexico City. Not only separated in context but also by many hundreds of kilometers and many centuries from each other. Charlatans and nut-cases will continue to peddle their wares I guess. Print this if you are honest

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