Nazca Lines Destroyed by Mining Company!

PERU NEWS –  Ancient mysterious NaZca lines is being pummeled by big mining company the irreplaceable strange lines are believed to be made for ufos

I myself believe the nazca lines were made for shamans to see from out of body experiences through rituals..

to anoint new shamans, what would happen ancient Peruvian ceremonies would take place and people were induced by a mind altering medicine or through trances and some Peruvians would report to have dreams, images of that what we know today as the nazca lines pictures to there elders or shamans.

My interpretation of stanley park being a seahorse head found through shaman out of body dreaming

  Shaman / First Nations 

Keith Ranville

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  1. maybe there is something below this scribed sacred nazca lines land thats worth defacing it like the black hills in the u.s.a natives were killed by the u.s military army over its gold resources


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