If you figure what the news tells you is the truth on t.v think again all major media outlet are bought & paid for by corporate money moguls to ploy corruptions world wide

from being responsible for to bringing crack cocaine to the streets of north america via the cia to instigating wars for the the benifit of profit of oil and what not.  CNN, HLN and other top media outlets are bought or monopolized by corporations and they’re news agencies are the pit-bulls and also there own journalists know that they cant report on certain stories like this one that I am texting out to you on this blog cause they will be out of a job if they did such a think.

Youtube video documentary above or on disclose tv – shadow of Liberty is a compelling truth about the news media that everyone should pry there eyes at and listen to cause after you see this video you will watch the news under a whole new perspective.

CIA selling cocaine to u.s –  Whistle-blower one gary webb was conveniently shot dead in his apartment building by a own apparent suicide?

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville






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