Object is Engulfing Saturn Worlds Colliding from other Dimension?

It appears that a shell of a planet from another star system is about to use saturn as a center core to power it up how it got there through a space porthole rift I would imagine.

Saturns hexagon at its pole now this a HUGE anomaly approaching it if its for real or not this saturn hexagon is just astonishing to see cause nothing really in nature has a shape like it but bee hive hexagon cones does so this leads me to believe that a queen bee is coming to saturn metaphorically speaking, I just a feel that something amazing is going to happen on saturn or in our solar system soon.. folks we are living in some amazing times


Keith Ranville


Scalping Mi’kmaq People In Nova Scotia’s Past

First Nations News; We were not the savages or began this scalping savagery Mi’kmaq people in nova scotia were bountied by the scalp or to be exterminated by the Nova Scotia Government 200 years ago.

Author Late; Daniel N. Paul

I have had the opportunity to meet the late dan n. paul the author of we were not the savages while I was venturing nova scotia 2005 dan n paul he did mention to me that when the Europeans came here they would scalp the native people here in nova scotia before, I thought to myself who does that to another human being especially when I look on the news and see all these isis terrorist groups going around and beheading americans abroad. I was shocked to hear dan n pauls accounts on the mi’kmaq people being scalped in the past and I was also shocked to hear that isis was beheading innocent americans now in todays world “I don’t know what to think” but what I do know its all done over greed or money.

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville