#Oak Island Sues History Channel a $1,000,000,000

History channel plagiarized like steals a first nations mans oak island money pit theories & sells them online & for t.v ads alike for monetary permissions without consent a 1,000,000,000 lawsuit is warranted.

Billion dollars is the amount lawyers are seeking from the history channel for them taking a 220 year old oak island money pit treasure hunt in nova scotia out of context or for them to conspicuously gain from of it financially like thieves in the night, A Lawsuit is Pending. Oak Island News

First Nations

Keith Ranville

British Columbia, Canada


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  1. Michael Juneau

     /  January 17, 2015

    That’s not one billion dollars that’s a trillion. There is no way they can win that big a settlement. it would bankrupt The History Channel.

  2. Keith you never change, but you don’t have to, I still like ya pal!

  3. Bro, I listened to a radio interview of yours from an Indiana yahoo radio show. I am far from convinced; you have no thorough explanations of any of your supposed findings… Nothing regarding your findings can be substantiated and the Dj on the radio show stumped you when he simply asked you to explain how someone looking for the treasure would find your (third triangle). I am willing to entertain new theories and ideas and I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your endeavor if you are confident enough to pursue it! I honestly fear it may have been designed and built by the Templars to store precious religious artifacts excevated from Solomon’s Temple. If this is the case; I hope it isn’t unearthed in my lifetime as I don’t believe this world is ready to discover undeniable proof of the One true GOD

  4. Donny

     /  December 13, 2016

    The One true God? Really? Religion is an archaic device to explain the unexplainable, control humans and amass wealth. More evil and especially death can be blamed on religion than any other single entity. The number of humans slaughtered in All wars combined is Barely over what has died, and continue to die everyday, in the name of religion. Little children suffer and die while degenerate pure evil people persist, not my “God”. I hope you’re wrong, cause that does not seem like a very cool place to spend all of eternity, with an evil lazy being that will not help his own creation that he “loves” more then anything. #commonsence For instance the Vatican Bank, which has about $8 billion in assets including a mind blowing amount of property, could do a TON of good with all that, yet they sit on it. And BTW History Channel is owned by the A&E Network, so whomever is claiming this suit does not even have the proper corporate entity named. This world already has enough fake news…

  1. Oak Island AntiChrist Revealed at the Bottom of the Treasure Hunt | Keith Ranville First Nations Explorer

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