Tim Hortons No Drunken Indians Allowed Incident

A theory that I have to why tim hortons employees are using racy language [sign] & now demoralizing homeless beings at there coffee establishments it has something to do with 350 layoffs of its workers due to a burger king $12.5 billion take over done deal.

If we or the first nations people or any other recently offended people want to real boycott the tim hortons franchise over this no drunken natives indian allowed or for throwing cold water on a homeless person and his dog in vancouver they should focus there anger at towards the burger king restaurant fast food chain because they are responsible for tim hortons recent bad behaviors by firing a great number of there employees this is why the timmies staff is mostly likely leaving the tim hortons job mad as hell, I would imagine.

I myself wont drink or eat anything from a disgruntled employee anyways.

[Excerpt below taken from ctv article]

“Tim Hortons is dealing with a barrage of complaints after a sign that declared “No Drunken Indians Allowed” was taped to a drive-through window at a location in Southern Alberta.” 2007

Also read tim hortons water bucket challenges homeless man and his dog

Karma; Upon NHL Player Tim Horton’s death in 1974, his business partner, Ron Joyce, bought out the Horton family’s shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain that had 40 stores at the time and later expanded to nearly 4,600 stores in Canada alone by 2013.


Keith Ranville


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  1. Tim Hortons layoffs: Long-time employees escorted out the door – Dozens of corporate Tim Hortons workers, including pregnant women and staff who had been with the chain for 30 years, were summoned to meet with outplacement agents and then escorted out the doors of its regional offices and headquarters yesterday as part of a nationwide restructuring.

    An employee who asked to remain anonymous described the scene and estimated about 40 per cent of Tim Hortons corporate workforce had been let go.

    But another source familiar with the downsizing plans says the actual number of layoffs is closer to 20 per cent, representing 350-400 employees.


  2. Here’s what I say or feel about stereotyping Indians or excluding anyone out of ignorance’s from yous tim hortons or burger king from you establishments, I wont walk in there again ever.


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