Vancouver B.C DIY HD Free Channels No Cable Bill!

Make your own HD antenna receiver for a $1.00 something and get a couple free cable channels for free; there are various ways to make your own HD antenna online so have fun in being creative in making your own if you will..

(Youtube HD Antenna DIY)

Generally you’ll get these free channels in the Vancouver B.C area for free with a HD antenna so you can watch the local news or watch the stanley cup even! and to watch some prime t.v programs also.

CBC CBUT-DT* Mt. Seymour 43 43.3 647
CTV CIVT-DT* Mt. Seymour 32 32.1 581
Global CHAN-HD Mt. Seymour 22 8.1 (also seen on 22.1) 521
OMNI CHNM-DT Mt. Seymour 20 42.1 509
City TV CKVU-DT Mt. Seymour 33  10.1 (also seen on 33.2) 587


Keith Ranville

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