If you stand back long enough from the oak island money pit you’ll see the ALL the parasites show there faces attack blog bugger of that turned into a spam site who attacked my character b4 online from in the past.. who that never said anything involving that troubled u.k website on his attack blog about his anonymous selfs & b.s? however they did furnish his posting on there defaming bullying website forum this website is inactive to or so it seems in my opinion its a evil website that procures anonymity bully’s un like facebook or twitter.. you at least know who they are to a respectable degree .

As for terry sabine I hold now issues with him and his ventures he just a minnow all in this oak island gilligans island shenanigan he is just making a buck from his infamous national news t.v broadcast  .


Overall my findings on oak island in n.s since 2005-2015+ has been straight forward all the time with no deceptions whatsoever I was never brought up that way or the neighbourhood that I lived in most of my life we never put up with that kind of nonsense, forever east vancouver. but btw [I do like to joke around]

What happened was these oak island chatlines forums or what you call them got hush money to lay low from oak island treasure mystery until the history channel is finished filming the place or there finger puppets.

An also, what I am saying if you really want to know about the oak island treasure mystery I myself provided the best outstanding free research, stories to for decades to come, an then some.

First Nations News

Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville

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