#OakIsland Treasure Lies in Skull Stones Image

#OakIsland skullstone dead men have no treasures, or do they? you must literally come back from the dead to find treasure on oak island or #skullIsland as I renamed it because its lost treasures secrets lies in a skull image that I myself interpreted from a believed to be nothing more at the time as a daggered up stone Until I came along an began to code break this mysterious stone. Oak Island News

oak island energy

But in that stone it told me stories in images of a lost past of a pirate like monk and a shape shifting dog, and inside the skull of the stones pirate face/hood is of;

man woman in skullstone

A woman wearing crown jewels, and a clever pirate man like me but with no hand but using a hook to scratch his head saying to me that it takes a very clever man like myself to find its precious hidden treasure.  And I am that wise man and that walks with a foot in [t]his treasure worlds like its my home.


[Lore]seven men must die before the oak island treasure is found so far six have died searching for money pits treasure.


The real “the curse of oak island” is having men in the same boat paddling in different directions and trying to get to treasure like some sort of gong show.


Read my first nations blog or research here and you may discover treasure for yourself.

First Nations/ Researcher

Keith Ranville




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